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What if there was no such thing as death or disease?

What if every dream could come true?

Would it be a human utopia?

Or an unfathomable nightmare?



Dead Heart, Living Vein



Out now! A collection of short stories from the Realm universe (Caligatha). These dark science fiction and horror standalone shorts don't require having read Caligatha. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Lydia has lived her entire life in Caligatha, a quaint coastal resort that seems blissfully unaware the world has been destroyed. Jericho, a brilliant scientist riddled with guilt, attempts to recreate his deceased wife and child, only to wind up in a drug-fueled haze in Caligatha. When the two meet and form a rocky relationship, they start to suspect something is not quite right about their reality.

Meanwhile, in another timeline, survivors of the worldwide plague attempt to understand how it all went wrong, and survive in a near-future wasteland of high technology and chaos. The evidence they find brings them all together in a shocking way.


A thrilling exploration of the dark fringes of a derailed-singularity world: nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence alter the rules of human existence. But human drives and motives remain unchanged at their best—and at their most terrifying. 



Read the first two chapters online for free.

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